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1 Free Youth lesson (under 18) – With the purchase of 1 Adult lesson

  SG Kiteboarding is the first company in Northern California to offer beginner lessons only in shallow waters, as well as advanced Kitesurfing lessons in the Ocean.  We pride ourselves on focusing on safety in order to make you a confident independent kiteboarder. 

We do not limit ourselves to one location, seeking the best wind conditions the Bay or Ocean has to offer for your lesson! Our kiteboarding lessons are only at similar coastlines with shallow water and wind conditions you will practice in as a beginner.

OUR MISSION is to spread the sport of kiteboarding and surfing safely at affordable prices!

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NOW offering Kite rentals, with instruction for only $75/ hour (lvl 1 kiteboarders only)

Take out one of our kites designed for beginners and get some pro tips while your out there.  We have kites up to 15 meters for light wind available, for those days when they wind isn’t quite delivering for your smaller kite.  


We are proud to now offer our


A 6 hour course for only $400!

3 Hr Beginner kiteboarding lesson

After this course you will have the confidence to practice independently. Not ready to make the move on buying equipment?  We offer discounted kite rentals to our clients who have taken this course.

Book your first 3 hours.  

You can call us to schedule your second 3 hour session, or wait until you finish your first one.  

“Scott is an outstanding instructor. He guided me through my “beginner/first water lessons through my going solo/self launching at a public beach. Scott’s emphasis is on safety and proficiency. He makes sure you are comfortable with a given skill before moving on. He works at your pace. If you get it you move on, if you don’t he works with you until you do. I have been to other schools in the past that promise proficiency in some given amount of minimal hours. This is just not realistic if you want to be safe. Scott teaches “Real World” kiteboarding in real world conditions and locations giving you the confidence to safely enjoy this great sport. His success as an instructor is a direct result of his professional yet laid back approach, He is more focused on seeing his students progress than in making a buck. Though I’m new to this sport I can attest to the high quality instruction and satisfaction you will receive.” -R.F. on Yelp

pasa school

flyer png LEARN TO FLY 

Intro to Power Kiting

Group class

1 Hr Intro to Kiteboarding

Interested in learning about kiteboarding for the first time?  Or maybe you have some experience but never had a professional lesson, then this is the right course for you! 

We will focus on utilizing power foil kites on land to begin developing your kite control as well as to begin understanding the basics of Wind Theory, Environmental Risk Factors, Entrance and Exit Plans from the water, Equipment, and much much more.

Beginner Lesson

3 hour Group land lesson

3 Hr Beginner kiteboarding lesson


After this lesson you will have a full understanding and ability of Flying the large LEI Kites, and for our clients who progress quickly we will start handling the board and simulating Self-rescues and Board Recovery on land.

Our first priority is for you to know what are the best conditions to practice in and begin gaining muscle memory to fly the kite safely and in control.

No advanced Kiteboarders got to where they are by skipping over the basics, and true progression comes from building skills one at a time from the ground up.

Upon completion of our first lesson we will determine individual lesson plans for each client based on their level of progression.

After completing the Beginner & Progression Lessons our goal is for you to achieve all of the skills of a PASA level 1 kiteboarder.

For our clients who progress quickly, we will always begin working on board starts.

PASA LEVEL 1 Kiteboarder exhibits the following skills:

1. Determine wind direction, speed and quality to assess safety.

2. Understand the requirements for a good launch area.

3. Understand the rules of the road with other kiters.

4. Set-up equipment independently and safely and perform a pre-flight check.

5. Use and reset all safety features on the equipment.

6. Use of kite harness.

7. Perform self-rescue techniques to disarm the kite and get to shore with gear.

8. Perform a safe launching and landing of the kite.

9. Execute kite water relaunches.

10. Body Dragging in control of direction.


Progression Lesson

3 hour Group water lesson

3 Hr Kiteboarding Progression Lesson

Now that you have complete control of the kite and own all of the skills we built during the beginner lesson its time to get in the water and start handling the board.

We take you to similar coastlines and waters where you will practice all the skills you will need to start kiteboarding independently. Even in group lessons you practice one on one with your instructor.  We will take out groups larger than two only with a special request, so everyone passes off the kite quickly as they move through each skill.  

First we focus on board recovery and self-rescue with the board, then its right into board starts and trying to get your body positioning perfect for when you start practicing on your own. 

We teach using the safest possible techniques for practicing with the kite under full power.   shorter lines with one-on-one instruction are the safest way to begin practicing power strokes and anything that requires more skill.

Advanced Lesson 

2 Hours Private instruction

*Please Call or Email for scheduling

It’s time to put all your training to the test.  

You are successfully completing water starts on the board and are closing in on staying upwind consistently on every ride. Our ultimate goal is for you to be able to work the board and kite in harmony for extended rides, while staying up wind.

We like to conduct advanced lessons at new locations all over Northern California in order to test your skills in more challenging conditions and and coastlines, so when your ready to travel you never miss a session!!


Waddel Creek Beach

Ocean Beach

Stinson Beach

Bodegas Bay

Sherman Island

    We always encourage you to email or call us with any questions about scheduling or our lesson plans.  302-569-0720