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SGK is a dedicated PASA Kiteboarding school, taking clients traveling across Northern California.

Beginner Lessons conducted in San Francisco & East Bay.  

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We utilize our retail partners across the US to find you the best new or used equipment at affordable prices.

April Special    


1 Free Youth lesson (under 18) – With the purchase of 1 Adult lesson




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Beginner Lesson

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3 hour land lesson





Progression Lesson

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3 hour water lesson

After completing the Beginner & Progression Lessons our goal is for you to achieve all of the skills of a PASA level 1 kiteboarder:

1. Determine wind direction, speed and quality to assess safety.

2. Understand the requirements for a good launch area.

3. Understand the rules of the road with other kiters.

4. Set-up equipment independently and safely and perform a pre-flight check.

5. Use and reset all safety features on the equipment.

6. Use of kite harness.

7. Perform self-rescue techniques to disarm the kite and get to shore with gear.

8. Perform a safe launching and landing of the kite.

9. Execute kite water relaunches.

10. Body Dragging in control of direction.

*For our clients that have good kite control we will always start working on board starts. The main focus of every lesson is Safety and building Confidence so you can get out there and start practicing independently! 


Advanced Lesson / Private Beginner Instruction

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2 Hours Private instruction – $240

Upwind riding – New location tour

Wave riding – Freestyle 

*Please Call or Email for scheduling

It’s time to put all your training to the test.  


Waddel Creek Beach

Ocean Beach

Stinson Beach

Bodegas Bay

“Scott got us through it all with ease and grace.  By the time we had taken three lessons we had learned the self rescue and other safety aspects of the sport thus we feel comfortable and confident to practice without him and more importantly we got up and kitesurfed… It was not only kitesurfing but also an adventure as Scott advertises.  I am originally from the Bay and he took us to some amazing places…”   -Anton on Yelp


“kiteboarding in real world conditions and locations giving you the confidence to safely enjoy this great sport.  His success as an instructor is a direct result of his professional yet laid back approach, He is more focused on seeing his students progress than in making a buck…”    -R.F.  


“Never really liked the idea of learning off a jet ski since A) I don’t have a jetski and B) I wanted be comfortable knowing how to launch from the beach once an independent kitesurfer. He teaches you exactly that!… He takes his time explaining every little detail and makes sure you understand the equipment, wind theory and self rescue techniques before moving forward. Today I had my 1st water lesson and was body dragging! You can sense his passion and love for the sport and can’t help but to also feel excited.”   -Telemundo


“My land lesson was with 2 other people. It was comprehensive with lots of guidelines on setup, safety, rescue, and technique. We also had plenty of flying and rescue practice with the kites and rigs.”  -James




SG Kiteboarding is the first kite school in California to partner with WAVES FOR WATER to bring humanitarian aid to Baja, Mexico in 2015. Visit our Campaign at to DONATE – 100 water filters – 10,000 people impacted – And we surf and kitesurf while we are there.

We want to lead the way for other kiteboarding companies that travel to Central America every year. If you want to be apart of this cause give us a call or email. 



For every lesson we assess the wind conditions across the entire Bay Area, and then decide the best location.  The wind check is 1-2 hours before your lesson. If you have limited transportation please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. 

Please be courteous and give us 24-48 hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling. Late cancellations are not refundable.

All lessons are subject to weather conditions and can be rescheduled up to an hour before the lesson.  Thank You!

We only teach from similar coastlines and shallow waters that you will be practicing at once you’re independent. 

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We always encourage you to email or call us with any questions about scheduling or our lesson plans. 


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